At last there is something for chocoholics that also like to be healthy!!

The combination of only the purest and most natural organic ingredients makes our wonderful organic dark chocolate spread truly a form of ‘Guilt free chocolate’.

Lovers of high quality chocolate who have tried it will know that the taste rivals the finest dark Swiss or Belgium chocolate.

Of course this is all about the quality of the ingredients:

 Made from the most exotic wild Fynbos Honey gathered at the Southernmost tip of Africa, the finest organic raw cacao from Peru and Equador, the best organic roasted cacao

and only a little healthy pure vegetable oil to blend, tells you exactly why it is so very exquisite.

A Few facts:

Raw Cacao is 100% chocolate in it’s raw state.  It is made from grinding cocoa beans that grow on trees.
At this point there is no sugar, no fat and no dairy involved, – and that is the way we keep it in our delectable and delicious Organic dark chocolate spread!

 Some Scientific Facts:

Cacao is a great source of serotonin, dopamine, anandamide and phenylethylamine (PEA).
These are four well studied neurotransmitters known  to help  with feelings of well being and alleviate depression. Cacao can lift your mood! So there is enough reason to “have your chocolate and eat it ” – guilt free!

 Mmmm..  and it’s a mood elevator and an Anti – depressant!

More facts:

Raw cacao contains a lot of Magnesium -the most important mineral for a healthy heart. Lots of magnesium helps the brain to work with clarity and focus!

                         Its good for you : -)

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